Waste Collection for business across the UK. Trade rubbish collection for business at low prices. We are experts in waste collection ensuring you get excellent service and no extra costs. call us for free advice for your trade waste collection.

1100 Litre

Width: 1364mm

Depth: 960mm

Height: 1462mm

Volume: 1100 litre

Holds: 12/15 bags

660 Litre

Width: 1360mm

Depth: 767mm

Height: 1200mm

Volume: 660 litre

Holds: 8/10 bags

360 Litre

Width: 620mm

Depth: 885mm

Height: 1100mm

Volume: 360 litre

Holds: 4/6 bags

240 Litre

Width: 580mm

Depth: 730mm

Height: 1070mm

Volume: 240 litre

Holds: 2/3 bags


Volume: 80 litre






Volume: 4-40m³



Waste Collection

Sub-it helps businesses recycle and dispose of commercial waste and trade waste at the most competitive prices.

We can provide a simple single-site waste collection service right up to large-scale multi-site and multi-service waste collection and recycling operations.

Simply fill in the waste collection quote form to the left - or call us on the number above. Our staff will offer free advice and no pressure, but will advise you on the best way to dispose of your commercial waste cheaply and legally.

All duty of care and contract paperwork will be sent to you on the same business day ready for completion. We can then start your trade waste collection service within 7 days. We are also able to deal with any backlog of waste you may have accumulated.

For a multi-site service, please call us on 0845 460 6180 to discuss your requirements. We will give you a free site audit and look for ways for you to recycle more and bring your bin costs down.

Waste Collection Pre-Treatment

All waste that ends up in landfill must now, by law, be pre-treated prior to being disposed. This either means recycling at source or being sent to a location for recycling prior to being sent to landfill. We strongly encourage on-site recycling and the waste collection companies we employ generally use transfer stations rather than landfill.

Duty of Care

Companies that produce waste have a duty of care to ensure it is disposed of appropriately. This means you are required to sign a duty of care note, which states that the waste bin for collection will only contain the type of waste you originally specified.
This is in compliance with the European Waste Code. We will supply you with a Duty of Care note on an annual basis completely FREE.

Got more questions?  Call us and ask.  Also look at our FAQs.