Small and Medium Sized Business

We specialise in medium sized business waste management. Our emphasis is on lowering costs and providing excellent service.
A medium sized business is one which has multiple bins collected regularly; one or two large sites or multiple sites across London or the UK.
We can help you achieve a target of 70% recycling of your waste by introducing new and easy recycling initiatives.
As a broker we have access to different suppliers and varying prices which mean we can tailor your service by site location both to maximise recycling and to lower costs.
We give flexible contract terms and handle all administration from duty of care notes to invoicing. We provide this in the way most suited to your company.
Sub-it Ltd is a registered waste carrier and is fully compliant with the Government’s legal requirements for waste and recycling management.

‘My business has multiple sites’

We simplify your admin. To get the best price for you we can use different suppliers for different sites. But, YOU only ever have to deal with us – one phone number to all your sites, the same named contact.
We will conduct site surveys to ensure the correct service is provided and identify any collection issues. We provide your sites with laminated posters to remind them of the contact details.

We send you one monthly invoice listing all of your sites and you pay once to reduce your banking costs. We can tailor the service by site and need, and organise extras such as clearances and bulky collections. Again – just one phone call. We provide lockable bins at no extra charge.

Call us: 0845 460 6160

‘My business has 2 large sites’

We can help you reduce your costs and introduce or expand appropriate recycling within the building. We can provide all the waste and recycling from your site such as confidential, mixed recycling.

We can simplify your admin by sending one monthly invoice. We can help you with extra collections and bulky collections.

Call us: 0845 460 6160

‘My business has 5 bins collected weekly’

We will identify any collection issues and ensure the collector comes on time when they’re expected. Late collections will cause you problems, so we will liaise closely with yourselves and the collector, especially at contract start.

We provide a named contact – no call centres and vague answers. We give you a laminated poster to display so calling us is easy as soon as there is an issue. We can tailor your bin types to increase recycling and help reduce your landfill contribution. We provide lockable bins at no extra cost.

Call us: 0845 460 6160